25 Movie Facts About Me

A month or so ago, I read a post on Cinematic Paradox titled “100 Film Facts About Me.”  I loved the idea and decided to write these twenty-five points so that you can get to know me a little better.  I could have come up with one-hundred, but I thought the idea would work better as a sampler of my tastes in movies.

  1. No Country for Old Men is my favorite movie.
  2. I didn’t understand all the hype about Drive last year, but I did think it was a good movie.
  3. I’ve seen Inception nine times.
  4. Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite Hollywood directors working today.
  5. The first foreign film I ever saw was The 400 Blows.
  6. I consider Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There to be the most unique film I’ve ever seen.
  7. 2001 was the most boring movie when I first saw it. Now it’s one of my favorites.
  8. Casino Royale is my favorite James Bond film. Goldfinger is a close second.
  9. I don’t watch a lot of modern horror films, but I love films that incorporate horror elements.
  10. I love reading best lists of movies. Best of the year, best of all-time, whatever. I find them fascinating.
  11. I love seeing movies that I wouldn’t expect on best of all-time lists.
  12. The best performance that I’ve ever seen may be Maria Falconetti’s in The Passion of Joan of Arc.
  13. I wish more people had seen Orson Welles’ The Trial. I think it’s a great movie.
  14. Zombies are my favorite horror movie creatures. I like them better than vampires and werewolves.
  15. Zombie movies like Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead, etc. really intrigue me.
  16. I love Michelangelo Antonioni films.
  17. I love when opera is used in movies.
  18. I like stage adaptations like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf or more recently, Carnage.
  19. I like movies that feel like they are stage adaptations but aren’t like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner or 12 Angry Men.
  20. I don’t mind not being able to figure out a movie’s mysteries completely. Sometimes, I think it makes it better (see Donnie Darko).
  21. I also don’t mind not being able to figure out a movie’s mysteries at all (see Picnic at Hanging Rock).
  22. I love learning other people’s ideas and thoughts on movies, even if they’re complete strangers.
  23. The worst movie I’ve seen in the last several years is Red Riding Hood.  It’s bad beyond belief.
  24. I’m not one of those people who love corny old, B-movies.  I typically avoid them.
  25. I didn’t truly appreciate ballet for the first time until I saw The Red Shoes.

12 responses to “25 Movie Facts About Me

    • Thanks for the comment and the recommendation! You know, I haven’t heard of Deadgirl, but I’ll look into it immediately. I’m always looking for something interesting to watch. Thanks again!

  1. Movie lists are indeed fascinating. I hope that some day I’ll be writing such, but you need a great knowledge of film to make them quality ones. Unless it’s yearly roundup or just personal ones.

    Chris Nolan is my favorite director!

    • Very true, I’ve really wanted to write a best of all-time list, but its nearly impossible since there are plenty of essential movies that I haven’t seen. Thanks for commenting and it’s great to know that there’s a fellow Nolan fan reading!

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  3. 1. That ones directed by the Coens–the masterminds behind Fargo–so I’ll try to seek it down.
    2. Haven’t seen that one either. Tried to add it to my summer list, but parents wouldn’t let me. 😦
    3. I’ve seen it twice–once in theaters, once on DVD on Christmas, when I received it as a present.
    4. I’ll agree to that, even after only having seen three (four by tomorrow, hopefully) of his films.
    5. Saw that one this January. I saw Roberto Benigni’s Razzie-nominated Pinocchio adaptation when I was 4 or 5 years old. Awful, but I think that’s my first foreign film.
    6. Haven’t seen/heard of it. I’ll search it up and possibly rent it. For me, unique goes hand in hand with bizarre. So I’d say The Fifth Element. 🙂
    7. Agreed.
    8. Surprisingly, agreed. I made last August a 007 marathon, starting with Casino Royale, and I still had that set as my very favorite by the end of the marathon.
    9. I try to avoid modern horror, too. It seems we’re veering away from suspenseful plots and instead resorting to blood and gore.
    10. I guess we share that, too.
    11. I’m thinking of your comment about Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore on my Top 100. 🙂
    12. For me: Marion Cotillard in La Vie en rose.
    13. I’ve seen Citizen Kane and I have The Magnificent Ambersons on tape. I’ll look for The Trial.
    14. (But why do we need creatures in horror movies at all?)
    15. I keep forgetting to look for Zombieland. Love the original Night of the Living Dead.
    16. Blow-Up has been in the back of my mind for quite a while now.
    17. Eeeeehhhhhhhh.
    18. I usually can’t tell when it’s a stage adaptation as opposed to just an original work or a book-based film. Not really a big fan of the theater. I also don’t really enjoy musical adaptations.
    19. But that isn’t saying you don’t like 12 Angry Men, is it??
    20. Or Inception?
    21. Or Otto e mezzo?
    22. (oh, boy!!!)
    23. The worst movie I’ve seen in theaters, to loosen it up a bit, would be either Breaking Dawn Part 1 or The Last Song.
    24. Okay, but Plan 9 from Outer Space is worth at least one watch, lol.
    25. Ballet is not my subject.

    • Wow! This is the coolest comment ever! Thanks for taking the time! I’ve decided to reply the way you did:
      1. Yes, definitely seek it down. It’s a great movie!
      2. That’s unfortunate, but I can understand why, it’s pretty adult.
      3. Glad you like the movie too.
      4. Nolan’s films are good enough, seeing just two or three could make him one of your favorite directors.
      5. Interesting, never seen it. Heard it’s pretty bad though.
      6. I wouldn’t hesitate to call I’m Not There bizarre. The Fifth Element sure is another unique one.
      7. Cool.
      8. Yes, it is, in my opinion, a step above every other Bond film. It earned points with me for the way that it showed Bond actually loving somebody. I wonder if Skyfall will be able to top that.
      9. I totally agree. That’s my reason too.
      10. Yeah, I guess that’s something most movie-lovers share.
      11. Yep, that’s a perfect example!
      12. I really need to see that!
      13. You really should. Orson Welles said that he thought The Trial was his best film!
      14. I don’t necessarily think horror movies need to depend on monsters all the time, but I just love watching people survive hordes of zombies.
      15. Zombieland is worth the time.
      16. Love that movie! That and L’Avventura are definitely my favorites by him.
      17. I’m also a music lover. I love opera and classical and all genres of music. The scene I’d recommend for this one is from Amadeus. Watch Mozart conduct the orchestra during his opera “Don Giovanni.” It gives me chills every time.
      18. I’m not a fan of theater either. One can usually tell that something is a stage adaptation by a small number of sets and a lot of dialogue.
      19. Just realized that that could be easily misread. Let me clarify: “Films that feel like stage adaptations but aren’t.” Such as those two movies. I do love both those movies.
      20. After eight or nine times, there aren’t many mysteries left unsolved for me. With the exception of the ending, if that’s what you mean.
      21. Yes, kind of. L’Avventura is one I almost added.
      22. That’s why I read movie blogs so much!
      23. Red Riding Hood is actually by the same director as one of the Twilight movies.
      24. Maybe so. I’m sure it’s funny to watch. I would just rather spend my time on a movie that is good.
      25. I wouldn’t say that it’s mine either, but I was nonetheless intrigued by The Red Shoes. Supposedly, a lot of professional ballerinas who saw the movie as children decided after the movie that they wanted to do ballet.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  4. Wow this was so interesting to read! Two things that stood out to me was 2001. I have only watched it once and was bored during the whole part after the apes and before the space crew with Hal, I’ve been meaning to watch it again though because I’ve become absolutely fascinated with Hal, and reading a review made me realize how sad it was when he started “dying” alssssoooo I can read list for best movies top 10 etc etc… aha basically the main reason why I’m up this late!

    I was thinking this would be cool to do if you don’t mind me using this idea! I’ve been thinking for things to write in the mean time while I’m trying to figure out how i’m going to do my film reviews

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