Cinema Express: Batman Begins (2005)


Batman Begins may be a superhero flick, but it has the intelligence, the emphasis on story, and the gritty visual sense of a serious crime drama. The color palette consists primarily of grays, browns, and blacks and the movie’s constant use of shadows invites comparisons to film noir. In marked contrast to the silliness of the 90’s Batman and Robin, Begins casts light on its characters with detail and care, delving into their psychology and emotions deeper than any Batman film before it. Just like Casino Royale successfully redefined James Bond in 2006, Batman Begins is a game-changer for the Batman franchise in its approach and its form.

However revolutionary Nolan’s superhero flick may seem when compared within its franchise, Batman Begins is not a groundbreaking film for the entire superhero genre. This first installment in the Dark Knight trilogy ranks among the best of the recent Marvel Avengers films as great entertainment, but with his next Batman effort, Nolan would create arguably the best superhero film of all-time.


12 responses to “Cinema Express: Batman Begins (2005)

  1. I’ve always sad this about the trilogy too, and he was never likely to create a cliche Superhero film, he was always going to instill it with an appropriate dark cinematography, a deep psychological script, with a very flash almost neo-noir style to it.

  2. One of the best trilogies ever. The Dark Knight really revolutionized Batman altogether, and in my opinion really is the best superhero movie of all time!

    • Thanks. It’s a superb trilogy, and while it isn’t the best installment (in my opinion), you’re right about it being a good start.

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